I’ve been sitting behind my lap top for about 2 hours trying to think about what to say about Kyng, and I’m still not sure. Burn the Serum is Kyng’s second album, and I never heard the first one. My initial reaction to the music actually got me thinking about what is current day rock? For the most part, there does not seem to be “mainstream” rock anymore. Everything that is “rock-ish” has either fallen more under the umbrella of “somethingsomething metal” or Nickelback.

Kyng sounds like heavier rock that is more palatable for those who may have grown up listening to their parent’s rock music (e.g. Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC) and who are turned off by the screams that are prevalent in the rest of the rock/metal realm. Some people have likened these duderonis to Queens of the Stone Age, which I suppose is accurate in terms of general tones, which in terms of the guitars are gritty, but they are less hook oriented and more *Cartman voice* “this is my body I do what I want” writing style.

When you think of hard rock that originated in the ’70s, this is the image of what Kyng brings to mind: rugged, hairy dudes. The writing is straightforward with lots of power chord palm muting, simple rhythms/riffs and manly, throaty vocals. Is this my cup of tea? Not really, but that’s only because I prefer a fresher, more unique brew of music tea that I haven’t heard of before, but for those who are unimpressed with the blast beats and breakdowns that are saturating the music market right now, this might be the band for you.

Most of the jamz are fairly high-energy and aggressive enough to be not appropriate for a Bat Mitzvah but could potentially be acceptable at a Bar Mitzvah? You could def. break a few plates and hoist people up in the air to this tunage and have a grand ol’ time. Oy!

Track Listing:

01. Burn The Serum
02. Lost One
03. Electric Halo
04. Sewn Shut
05. Faraway
06. Self Medicated Man
07. The Ode
08. In The Land Of Pigs
09. Sunday Smile
10. Big Ugly Me
11. Paper Heart Rose

Run Time: 47:27
Release Date: April 15, 2014

Check out the song “Electric Halo”