Last One Standing is the debut album from British rockers I Divide and is due in stores on April 14th, 2014. This is a well-produced, glossy pop rock affair that reminded me of a cross between the British rock act Tiger Tailz and the California-based post-hardcore group Pierce The Veil. The high energy, fast-paced tunes are fairly enjoyable to listen to, but I am not yet sure if I Divide will stand out amongst the plethora of other bands in this incredibly saturated genre.

I like my music with a little bit of substance, a little bit of something to sink my teeth into, and a little bit of edginess to grasp onto. Unfortunately, I only found a few of these such moments throughout the entirety of Last One Standing. “Monster In Me” is for sure one of said moments; it has a perfect amount of grit and gloss to make it a standout track. Oddly enough, the very next track, “Cold At The Bottom,” is another standout affair with some very cool staccato rhythms and a hook that, for hours after listening, I just couldn’t get out of my head.

All in all I think Last One Standing is a decent record with some really good moments. Will it stand out amongst the rest? I have no idea. For now; however, I can say I enjoyed listening to it.

Track Listing:

01. Follow Me
02. Tell Me Something
03. I’m Not Leaving
04. Monster In Me
05. Cold At The Bottom
06. Living In A Hurricane
07. 27 Down
08. Run Away
09. Say It Isn’t So
10. Let Go
11. Look At Me Now

Run Time: 43:33
Release Date: April 14, 2014

Check out the song “Follow Me”