Ganja White Night Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Corey Biggs. Read up on a lot of interesting things you may not have known about him.

Hello Corey, nice to have you on MaxMuzik! As this is your first interview with us, let’s start off with a little background. How did you get into music? Please tell us about the beginning of your career as a DJ.
“I” have always been addicted to all types of music. It is in my blood. My father is Trinidadian and my mother is Jamaican. They are Carnival people all year round. So put that combination together with my family’s work ethic, and it makes M&Ms melt in your hands instead of your mouth.

The beginning of my Career? Hmm…….banging pots and pans at 6, collecting every hip hop records in the 1980-90’s (when it was vinyl limited pressings), becoming a Rave Music Addict in love with Festivals, having more rave and hip hop cassettes of music sets. I also lived and worked in New York City night-life, the Hamptons, Cancun, Costa Rica, Romania, Serbia, UK, IBIZA, etc.. The list is as long as the ‘NSA’ ‘CIA’ and ‘FBI’ terrorist watch list. Ask Google or figure it out. It’s all documented within “Truth” lol.

In my eyes, everything is still in its early stages. My Professional Rockstars Group of companies, our first major label client in 2007 was Atlantic Records, we provided Publicity for Music videos, became YouTube Partner & DailyMotion Partner in 2007, was also first video cameras in, elite fashion events, Custo Barcelona – Mercedes Fashion week with Junior Vasquez, and “I” am just been purpose driven about it within the 8+ years of so much synergy in creation for many Major & independent projects & labels. Music is the Drug Radio is 2 years old.

For our readers who’ve never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words.
Whole, perfect, loving, happy, and harmonious

Can you offer insight into some of your musical inspirations? And who is your favourite artist from Electronic music outside your own specific genre?
“I” am thankful for growing up with The Police, Miles Davis, Machel Montana, Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killer, Junior Vasquez , Danny Tenaglia, Elton john, Black Stallion, Wu-Tang, M.A.N.D.Y Phase II Pan Groove, Daft Punk, Frankie Bones, Sasha & Digweed, Timo Maas, Tiesto, Sven Vath, Carl Cox, and so many more.

My favourite artists are all artist within “Oneness,” that are dedicated to mastery within themselves. Everyone that is a guest on my radio show & Pegasus 303 mix (sister radio show) are also my favourites. The magnetic beast at the moment is “ABEL RAMOS” AKA “COYU”,

What are you up to in 2014? Please tell us about your new projects and collaborations in this year.
My newest project is the “Music is the Drug” branded events. What do they get in return, which is better than money? “I” can offer an artist the opportunity to play at our parties. Flight, hotel, and my famous concierge treatment is included. This is one thing no promoter, club, or other person in New York City can offer better than “I”.

You started your radio show “Music is the Drug” 2 years ago, and you cover interesting track selection. How’s your experience so far and how do you pick your tracks for the show?
The experience is like having a multiple sexual orgasm when “I” get new music daily. “I” love it. It’s like winning the Lotto. Thank you for the compliment! 😎

The process now, “I” got down is Mastery Science. “I” take notes on the releases from label promos and write reviews for myself—whether or not “I” publish or do not publish for media or press distribution. “I” then place them into a folder for 2nd, 3rd, and sometimes 4 listening. “I” may not even play those tracks. It is actually randomness. Then “I” place myself within my own party mindset within the studio in My Cat “Star” has to deal with the repetition of hours playing and practice. And then “I” am my own epic critic of course. Best week, every week, hands down awesome Fun!

Could you tell us about your music production process? Also your equipment and the setup you use in your live shows.
In live shows I use Traktor, at least 1 CDJ, technology work, mixer. For music production: Abelton 9 live – Novanation launch key 25, Harman/Kardon Speakers, etc.

Speaking of shows, what are your touring plans for 2014?
“I” am actually creating now Circuit tours for “I” and my guests on my radio show with “Music is the Drug Branded Events” in America, like how comedians tour within America. “I” am starting this process in Florida with our agents as we speak.

Corey Biggs ( Rockstar) – Apr 27th at Matchless

The focus is on the Law of Numbers: more fans, friends, and followers in the Americas that can see “Music is the Drug Events” and what “I” and my guests offer. This also allows the venues, clubs, lounges, and restaurants an opportunity (within “Affordability”) to have the ability to create their own personal branding event legacy. No racism and discrimination, which is one of the principle lies of the world.

What artists would your fan be surprised to find on your music player/iPod?
Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Taylor Swift

Any final thoughts or parting words?
B. Go beyond your success each and every day with the start of the New Day.
C. Mastery is what only matters within any trueness and desire of what you love. That is true wealth.

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