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By the grace of God, Conversation’s latest track “This is Me Breathing” is available to you, here, for free, no joke! Conversation’s beginnings go back to 2007 in Victoria B.C. where the post-hardcore band started with the sole purpose of creating music that was honest (honestly, we’re being honest here). By 2013, the band had decided to relocate from Victoria to Toronto, though I’m not sure why anyone would trade the scenery of B.C. for the concrete jungle of T.O. Along with the relocation came three new members and a fresh start with the intention to begin releasing new music in 2014.

Conversation’s sound is composed of frantic, high energy that ranges from crushing breakdowns to ambient bridges and anthemic choruses (no, we’re not talking crappy ’80s rock anthemic choruses either). Their live show has been known to get quite rowdy and you could say that it walks a fine line between controlled chaos and outright bedlam. The group cites a range of influences, including Alexisonfire, Glassjaw, At the Drive-In, Norma Jean, the Bled, Thrice, and Deftones and since moving to Victoria, they’ve played shows with bands such as Cancer Bats, A Textbook Tragedy, Ten Second Epic and Gob. Don’t be surprised if you’re “gobbing” in your pants after you check out this free download of “This is Me Breathing!”