I’m a colossal fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Doesn’t matter if it’s Terminator, smoking cigars, “pumping up” and comparing it to sex, I don’t care. I’m there. I’m also a metal enthusiast to an unhealthy degree, so needless to say when the two were put together, I nearly lost my mind. Austrian Death Machine is a thrash metal tribute band to all things Arnold Schwarzenegger. A Tim Lambesis side project, Austrian Death Machine shares many stylistic similarities with As I Lay Dying, since Tim wrote and recorded vocals, guitars, bass, and drums. The icing on the cake, though, is the sound of Arnold’s voice making numerous references to his classic films such as, “Hey Sully … remember when I told you I’d kill you last?? … I lied.” If you don’t recognize that quote from Commando, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.

On the real though, this album has everything that you demand from a metal record. All of the songs are super in your face with an after taste of “I wanna see this circle pit move!” The chuggy riffs are numerous with plenty of moments where jen-jen-jen goes to half time JEN….JEN….JEN. Plus, I’m pretty sure that nearly every song has a guitar solo, which for someone like me who loves shred, I air guitared all over the place whilst listening. Air guitar was dripping from the walls.

Another fun aspect to this album is the lyrics. A lot of metal bands have a tendency of trying to get super deep with metaphors that almost make sense or about how hard life is in high school, which is fine, but I found it refreshing to just hear bouts of overly aggressive vocals about things you might find yourself thinking to yourself on any given day while strolling through the mall and seeing a kid freak out ’cause his favorite game is out of stock like, “Chill out, dickwad!” Oddly enough “One More Rep” is just the kind of motivational music you would want when you’re your trying to impress that girl that does the slow stretching in front of the mirror at the gym, especially when Arnold’s voice comes in saying, “Is daat auhll you can dew? Caahman! DEW IT! DEW IT NOW!” followed by a break down with the gang chant of “ONE MORE REP!”

PS: I nearly died with the quote from Running Man. The 8 year old me LITERALLY got way too excited.

Tracking Listing:

01. Neah 1, 2
02. I’ll Be Back
03. Chill Out Dickwad
04. Prepare To Be Conquered
05. One More Rep
06. I Hope That You Leave Enough Room For My Fist
07. Pumping and Humping
08. Crom
09. I Eat Green Berets
10. Acting Advice
11. You Lack Discipline (There Is No Bathroom)
12. I Know Now Why You Cry
13. I Lied
14. Brutolitics
15. Get Your Story Straight
16. Brutal Recall
17. I’m Not A Pervert
18. It’s Turbo Time

Run Time: 46:38
Release Date: April 1, 2014

Check out the song “I’ll Be Back”