Florida spits out another noisy punk unit with Orlando’s Among Giants. Back and Forth isn’t a debut, but for many it will be their first listen of this scratched out pop-punk, and while the naive honesty of screaming, “I’m so lost, this isn’t worth it anymore” and, “the world is not my friend” doesn’t hit that whiny Jawbreaker sweet spot, there’s enough going on that hits somewhere along the way.

Opener “Cats & Ferrets” has a tepid start, but as both guitars kick in at 46 seconds, the song tightens and blazes through the next minute-forty with some dangerously snappy drum fills, and all the “I’m fucking over it” in the world doesn’t do one bit of harm. “Hardwood Floors” is of a similar vein, with harsh vocals to mask the adolescent lyrics and enough guitar hooks to carry the entire song anyway.

It’s a mixed bag, but Back and Forth is promising and at least one track leaves a distinct impression.

Track Listing:

01. Cats & Ferrets
02. Hardwood Floors
03. Art School
04. The World Is Not My Friend

Run Time: 8:19
Release Date: April 22, 2014

Check out the song “Hardwood Floors”