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“Conquer It All”, our latest free song download, comes thanks to Nashville, Tennessee rockers Afterlife Parade who came together as a collective of songwriters and musicians to form one big sound. The beginnings of the group were met with a positive reaction from both local fans and press thanks to their first concept record Death & Rebirth, which inspired them to move forward with writing and performing. Some of their early accolades included being named a Local Lightning Artist by local independent radio station Lightning 100, headlining The University of Southern Mississippi’s inaugural tailgate series and having their song “Black Woods, White Beach” featured on the series premiere of MTV’s Underemployed.

Afterlife Parade got back down to business earlier this year with the February 25th release of “Conquer It All.” The aggressive new song is the second installment of a trilogy of songs that the band is releasing this year. Right now their goals are set on a grassroots movement to gain the honour of playing larger stages by cultivating a community of followers in intimate settings through house shows and coffee shops. Commenting on their plans and goals, lead singer Quinn Erwin said, “We believe in community… and the kind of music that we make fosters connectedness… what better way to grow a following than to start off in small spaces really getting to know our fans, them getting to know us, and then our ‘family’ gets so big overtime that we fill arenas?” With acoustic dates set throughout the Spring, Afterlife Parade are on their way to accomplishing their lofty goals.