Progressive metallers The Kindred are currently out on the road jammed on a bill with Between The Buried And Me, Deafhaven and Intronaut, which should give you some idea of where there Sumerian-signed Canadians sit musically. They’ve also been name-dropped alongside everyone from Clutch to Protest The Hero, so make of that what you will because if, like me, your head starts to hurt when you think of the big riffs of Clutch mixed with the intricacy and depth of the progressive-metal scene, you wait till you actually give Life In Lucidity a spin because you’re in for a real experience.

Formerly going under the name of Today I Caught The Plague, the Canadians produce a sound that veers from the dreamy – “Everbound” – to the plain epic and just a bit bonkers – “Millenia”. No two moments on this album sound alike as the music leaps from twisted, dramatic progressive sections to more complex, riffier moments like “Dreambender”. Throughout the course of Life In Lucidity, the band tread just the right side of that fine line between creative genius and creatively bonkers but, really, you’ll probably soon be too lost in Dave Journeaux’ maddeningly varied vocal range to be worried about a little thing like “what the hell are the band going to throw out next”.

Basically, you need to go into this listening experience with both open ears and an open mind. Don’t try to second guess what the Canadian prog-rockers are going to do next because whatever you expect, they’ll deliver the complete opposite. Very few albums come close to being described as unique but this time, for once, that tag is very much a deserved one.

Track Listing:

01. Wolvish
02. Heritage
03. Everbound
04. An Evolution Of Thought
05. Decades
06. Millenia
07. Grand Debate
08. Seekers & Servants
09. Dreambender
10. Like A Long Life

Running Time: 49:27
Release Date: February 25, 2014

Check out the song “Everbound”

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