Teen Agers’ full-length I Hate It is an album of temperate pop-punk anthems lost between the genre’s generations of relevance, whose punch neither regains that 90’s bubblegum swagger or the crunch of the recent attempts at a reprise. Yet there are moments of consummation on one track, and while it won’t redefine an album, it certainly helps define Teen Agers’ sound.

The song’s first verse is underwhelming, but as the second begins with arpeggiated guitars everything snaps into line and singularly delivers energy and execution. Brisk and sublimely melodic, “Moving Forward” has the record’s best sections and takes the listener to a plane wholly unlike the other ten tracks. Two phrases – a combined 63 seconds – are all it takes and I Hate It has its finest track.

Run Time: 2:43
Release Date: November 05, 2013

Check out the song “Moving Forward”