The Skinny: SICK new music is what we do. Especially audio… we offer downloads, we offer streams, and we bring you THE bands that you need to add to your rock radar post-haste! Enter Mother, a fucking rad new alternative hard rock quartet from New York City. Comprised of Nick Fargo (vocals, piano, rhythm guitar), Mike Gowen (lead guitar, piano), Johnny (bass), and Marshall Castaneda (drums), Mother are one of those rare acts who, in spite of the over-saturation of the hard rock genre, will most definitely turn many heads.

That all said, we have the great pleasure of helping the band to premiere their entire new album A New Life. Due out on March 18th in the USA, the new EP is just loaded with grooves and wicked, hard-hitting riffs that will get you rocking right where you sit/stand/lay as soon as you hit play. This full stream will only be up for a week though, so get your fill in now and share with your crew ASAP! Watch out mainstream, this band is about to explode right out of their hometown scene… and remember, PureGrain told you first!

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