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Montreal, QC’s progressive rock/metal band MIRE are offering their latest track “Tyrannicide” for FREE download from their upcoming album Inward/Outward set for release on March 18th to follow up their 2010 self-titled EP. Stream and download it just above, and as always, please share this!

“Implied by the name, ‘Tyrannicide’ is about exterminating the tyrant that rules you. Be it a cruel lover, an autocratic leader or dictatorial boss; the essence of Rock should liberate you to choose freedom and independence over indoctrination. Break out of your borders and blast past the bounds; burn the limitless fuel of your livelihood and beat your wings to fly. Earn your Name. Go Kill The Tyrant.” comments vocalist JP LaChapelle.

Inward/Outward Track Listing:

01. Complex
02. Tyrannicide
03. Limitless (Pt. 1)
04. Limitless (Pt. 2)
05. Convolution
06. Beast and The Machine
07. Catalan Atlas
08. Mantra Cymatic
09. Open Circle
10. Upheaval

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