Mushroomhead are preparing to release their newest offering, The Righteous & The Butterfly, on May 13, 2014. In order to delve into a more intimate understanding of this new recording, I caught up with drummer Skinny to discuss his favorite piece of gear. The band definitely has a unique sound and I was excited to learn how they go about obtaining it. Here is how the conversation went.

What one piece of gear do you use to obtain your signature sound?
Skinny: A huge part of the MRH sound is Jeffrey Nothing’s voice. And to obtain a solid working track, I use a Neve V channel strip and a Neve 33609 compressor!

What about it makes it so important to you?
Skinny: The Neve just make things a lot smoother. Jeff’s range is very dynamic, from belting out screams to damn near whispers. It’s unmistakable, when you hear his voice; you know it’s Mushroomhead immediately!

What are the major pros and cons?
Skinny: Pretty much all pros with Neve stuff. Biggest con? I don’t have 10 more channel strips of them!

How long have you had it, how do you use it, would you ever chance it?
Skinny: Couple years now… I use/try it on every thing… Sometimes certain instruments or voices need a little extra something, so ill try different Pre amps, or stomp boxes!

Any final thoughts or comments on the gear?
Skinny: I’m a complete gear whore, so the only comment there is… I NEED MORE GEAR!!!!!

Check out the song “Come On”