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While you may be new to the name Diary of My Misanthropy, there’s a better chance you’ve heard of post-metal band No Misery Left. No Misery Left vocalist and guitarist, Vladyslav Tsarenko, has ventured off into his own musical realm and created his own solo project in Diary of My Misanthropy. Sometimes certain musical ideas and concepts just don’t fit into the framework of a popular band which was very much true in this case. Tsarenko wanted to portray his musical thoughts in other forms which has shaped the melancholic and instrumental sounds of Diary of My Misanthropy.

Commenting on the motivations behind the new project, Tsarenko said, “Recently my emotions accumulated quite a lot, and I wanted realize them in a way that would be pleasing to the audience. It was important for me do the project alone and does not depend on someone and making music by myself. I did not plan to create a specifically post-rock project, I just made music, and then it has taken the shape in which were combined post-rock, ambient and electronic music.” The new EP is called Behind The Ruins I See A Soul Of Places and the songs really delve deep into serious issues such as social problems, relationship problems and misunderstandings between people.