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“Briefcase” is the first track to be released from Terese Taylor’s brand new record, At Your Mercy Circuit, and it’s right here for you to download totally free! “Briefcase” is a solid rock track with a hard jutting bass line that will be sure to instantly grab your attention. Her howling vocals stand right out over the melodic chorus, with lyrics full of denial ebb that flow well with the hard and heavy instrumentation. The high flying guitars and slamming drums tie it all together and show the extreme talent in Terese’s backing band. The song acts as the perfect introduction to Terese and who she is as an artist; infused with wit and honest self-reflections.

Though she now resides in San Francisco, Terese Taylor hails from Buffalo, New York where she began her career in the arts as a modern and classical dancer. She has developed quite the reputation as a musician’s musician with strong ties to a college and folk base which has expanded to the festival scene. This has led her all around the United States, touring relentlessly, her and the rest of her backing band seemingly always on the road, doing whatever it takes to get to the next gig. With the pending release of At Your Mercy Circuit, you can be sure Terese will be spending most of her time doing what she does best; playing her music for as many people who want to hear it.