There’s nothing like discovering a massive sounding rock album full of huge booming anthems to put a smile on your face, so it’s nice to stick on the self-titled debut from LA rockers Stars In Stereo and find yourself listening to an album that does precisely that. Putting themselves under pressure right from the outset with gargantuan opener “The Broken”, the LA rockers do themselves no harm by following it up with an album full of arena-filling gems.

From the Fall Out Boy drenched jangly pop-rock of “All Together” to “Red Eyed Romance” which kicks in with an 80s inspired riff before hurtling headlong into a deliciously slick more modern rock direction, this is an album devoid of filler. Listening as the self-titled album works through its magic, it’s obvious that big choruses, big riffs and big hooks are the order of the day with this band and when you couple that with the enchanting voice of Bec Hollcraft you have an album that it is hard to find fault with. With hints of Paramore, Bullet For My Valentine and Fall Out Boy seeping through on some tracks and big, booming 80s-inspired rock on other tracks like “At The Stroke of Midnight”, this is a rarity of an album that gets stronger as it progresses.

Futhermore Hollcraft’s vocals on the haunting “Every Last Thing” are simply out of this world and must surely put her up there as one of the rising stars of pop-rock in 2014 while the piano-driven “Queen Of Catastrophe” oozes class and emotion and indicates a bright future ahead for these rockers.

Track Listing:

01. The Broken
02. Violence
03. All Together
04. Dealing Secrets
05. Lie Down
06. Red Eye Romance
07. Open Your Eyes
08. At The Stoke Of Midnight
09. Every Last Thing
10. Queen Of Catastrophe
11. Every Last Thing (Radio Edit)

Run Time: 38:41
Release Date: April 9, 2013

Check out the song “The Broken”


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