Slaughter Messiah is a blackened thrash band that was formed in 2008 and features former Enthroned vocalist Lord Sabathan. Despite the fact that the blackened thrash sound has pretty much been done to death recently, Slaughter Messiah display an epic performance on this 3 song EP, Black Speed Terror.

Right from the get go the band deliver with the title track “Black Speed Terror” – undoubtedly one of the best metal songs I’ve heard in recent memory. In fact, based upon this one song alone, I would recommend purchasing this EP. Fortunately; however, the band aren’t just a one trick pony and are able to follow the track up with two more similarly strong songs.

Even though Black Speed Terror is only 3 songs, I highly recommend it as the material here is really strong. It’ll be interesting to see what the band can do once they manage to record a full-length album; if the songs are even half as good, it’ll still be one hell of an album.

Track Listing:

01. Black Speed Terror
02. Demon
03. Cosmic Funeral

Run Time: 11:30
Release Date: October 21, 2013

Check out the song “Black Speed Terror”