Seven years have passed since Nocturnal Breed’s last album, Fields of Rot, and this new release, Napalm Nights, sees the band hoping to simultaneously resurrect the past and introduce some new elements to their sound. The album opens with the bone crushing “The Devil Swept the Ruins”, and with its catchy chorus and energy-propelled riffs its the perfect opener and by far my favorite track. Alas, that’s also where Napalm Nights already begins to go downhill.

The recording has its moments with its instrumental work and death screeching vocals, but it just drags on and on and on… and when it all comes to a sudden halt, and you go about your day, you won’t remember a thing about this album. Nothing is memorable. That’s my biggest gripe, nothing is making me want to listen again. If anything I’d rather just play the first song and be done. There’s a couple of other considerable tracks spattered through this chore of a record, like “Cursed Beyond Recognition” and “Under the Whip”, but by this point Nocturnal Breed have already lost me.

Sure there are plenty of positives to this record; the instruments are solid and the vocals suit the music well, but the negatives hinder me from enjoying this album to the point where I struggled to get past the midway point. All this being said, some people will dig this album, others will agree with me, but reviews are an opinion of only one person and my opinion is that this is very passable. Give it a listen though, you may enjoy it more then I did.

Track Listing:

01. The Devil Swept the Ruins
02. Speedkrieg
03. Cursed Beyond Recognition
04. The Bitch of Buchenwald
05. Napalm Nights
06. Thrashiac
07. Dawn Campaign… Flamethrower Ridge
08. Under The Whip
09. Dragging The Priests
10. Krigshisser (D.N.K)

Run Time: 64:00
Release Date: March 18, 2014

Check out the song “The Devil Swept The Ruins”