Metal Church released their self-titled album in 1984 and then split in 2008 due to frustrations with the music industry. Enter 2013 and they’re back with a new album, and are sounding better than ever! Generation Nothing never stops to let you breathe; it’s a nonstop chainsaw grinding away in a musical path that has recently been a little lackluster.

The album has little filler and much in the way of heavy hitters. Songs like “Jump The Gun”, “Suiciety” and “Hits keep Comin'” all mesh well creating a consistently solid record. The nearly seven minute long “Noises In The Wall”, for me, is the album’s highlight though; I dig the drums and vocals, especially later in the song where the heavy beat suddenly stops and Munroe truly shines.

All this praise being dropped, the closing track, “The Media Horse”, was quite disappointing. While the verse is good, the song hits the chorus which ends with the highly cheesy line “It’s TV time” before heading into a section which sounds very haphazardly assembled. The track had potential but failed to deliver.

Ultimately this record feels like a gift to old Metal Church fans; it’s familiar but maintains its own uniqueness. If you haven’t heard of Metal Church before, check their vast back catalog. Either way, give Generation Nothing a spin as well. They have a lot to offer and, based on this record, it doesn’t seem like they’ll be packing their guitars away anytime soon.

Track Listing:

01. Bulletproof
02. Dead CIty
03. Generation Nothing
04. Noises In The Wall
05. Jump The Gun
06. Suiciety
07. Scream
08. Hits Keep Comin
09. Close To The Bone
10. The Media Horse

Run Time: 53:20
Release Date: October 22, 2013

Check out the song “Jump The Gun”