The Skinny: Lord Mantis today dispatches the first wave of audio violence from their impending third full-length, Death Mask, nearing release via Profound Lore this Spring. Have your day fully ruined by Lord Mantis with “Body Choke” now playing just above via SoundCloud. Death Mask will see release on April 29th, the band’s first release for Profound Lore Records.

Delivering some of the most bottom-dredging, soulless, nihilistic metal imaginable, built of the most slamming chords and grueling buildups and penetrated from every side with the most corrosive vocal tirades, the Chicago-based anti-life quartet truly lives by a code of depravity within a wealth of anti-human views. The members’ hatred for the world exists even within the unit; turmoil within the ranks of Lord Mantis is a constant factor.

Outspoken bassist/vocalist Charlie Fell is the first to admit this, and lends a bit of insight into the clan’s contemptuous scrutiny of our decaying society in an exclusive feature today at Vice Magazine’s music outlet, Noisey. Warning; this is not for the feeble at heart… the tune or the feature.


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