Days of The Fallen Sun is the latest release from Junius, a post-rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. This album is unique by design in that there are 4 tracks and 4 interludes, each of which add a nice buildup before each its respective song.

If you’re someone that appreciates your tunes dripping with atmosphere, you’re in for a treat, as atmospheric is definitely one word that can be used to describe this record. It sounds like you’re walking through a spinning tunnel, which is partly due to some of the psychedelic songwriting and vocals – heavily layered with a fair amount of reverb. Along with the remarkable guitar work and dirty bass, all parts mix well to create a coherent and thick sounding record. This CD will be forever stuck in your player if you are into alternative music, as I am.

Stand-out songs include “The Time of Perfect Virtue” and “Forgiving the Cleansing Meteor” with their blazing melodies and orchestral instruments. They are also backed by a set of pounding drums and strong vocals. The one possible flaw I noticed was that certain sections dragged on a bit; however it’s nothing that overstays its welcome for too long.

I had never heard of Junius upon listening to Days of The Fallen Sun, their prequel to the 2009 album The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist, but now I’m eager to hear more. I highly recommend this record and I can’t wait to see what other gems this band has in store!

Track Listing:

01. (Meditations)
02. The Time of Perfect Virtue
03. (Shamanic Rituals)
04. A Day Dark With Night
05. (The Purge)
06. Battle In The Sky
07. (Nothingness)
08. Forgiving The Cleansing Meteor

Run Time: 25:00
Release Date: February 18, 2014

Check out the song “Forgiving the Cleansing Meteor”