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Ready to have your head bashed in? No? Then navigate away from this page now. If you are; however, then hit play and begin downloading this free grab of the song “Hellritage” from the album of the same name by Costa Rican death/thrash/groove metal band, Colemesis.

This quartet – comprised of Fabbian Bonilla (vocals, guitar), Michael Mory (bass, backing vocals), Emilio Cortes (drums), and Gabbo Morales (lead guitar) – might wear their influences (Testament, Lamb of God, Sepultura, Exodus, Gojira, Slayer, Messhugga, Pantera) proudly on their sleeves but that hasn’t stopped them from creating a rip-roaring album that is unique to their own Latin-flavored sound. Considered to be one of the best metal acts in all of Central America, this group will tear you a new one while simultaneously winning you over as a lifelong fan.

Hellritage Track Listing:

01. Kuru’s Seed Anthem
02. Hellritage
03. Amen Infernal
04. Las Reglas de la Opresión
05. Peace was Never an Option
06. Hombre Pez
07. Ocaso 2:35
08. Fuck the Fashion
09. Dioses
10. Serrucho

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