Over the course of their career, UK antagonists Senser have consistently pushed the boundaries of their music and lyrics from rock anthems to aggro-rock face smashers so it comes as a hell of a surprise and, may I say, huge disappointment, to find that their new, self-produced album is, well, a bit flat.

Maybe it’s the production or maybe the songs just aren’t up to the usual standard demanded by Senser fans. Whatever it is, To The Capsules starts off flat and just plain uninspiring and, on the whole, stays that way right through to the finish. I say “on the whole” because there are some moments when the album picks up and you wonder if the crossover magic is going to return. Sadly, for every moment like the snotty punky “Break The Order”, there are moments like “Echelon” where the whole thing seems to be thrown together into a mess of different styles. Even when you reach the climax of the album and you see the band are going to sign off with a track called “Let There Be War”, you expect them to go out with an unforgettable rock/rap/experimental/crossover bang but, sadly, it’s anything but.

To The Capsules is an album that could at best be described as experimental, at worst it’s just plain disappointing and, from a band like Senser, that’s just not good enough.

Track Listing:

01. Devoid
02. Time Travel Scratch
03. Witch Village
04. Wounded Sceptre
05. Break The Order
06. Alpha Omega
07. Liquidity
08. Echelon
09. Chemtrails
10. Let There Be War

Run Time: 47:31
Release Date: November 25, 2013

Check out the song “Witch Village”

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