The Skinny: St Joseph, Missouri experimental project Sisters Of… recently signed to artist-focused Crowquill Records, who is proud to re-release the EP that first caught the label’s attention, Follow Me as a Ghost. Spearheaded by multi-instrumentalist Aaron Coker, who’s resume includes legendary bands like The Appleseed Cast and Reggie & The Full Effect, Sisters of… injects new life into the mundane “instrumental” genre usually ignored by mainstream markets.

Appealing to metal, post-rock, avant-garde, and even orchestral fans, Follow Me as a Ghost is unique in that the contributing musicians were hand-picked by Coker for reasons specific to each individual track. Colleagues and seasoned artists Chris Clark and Isaac Khan help realize Coker’s multi-layered vision, which he recorded, mixed, and produced himself. The EP was mastered by John Rogers. Check out the below stream of Follow Me as a Ghost and then head on over to Crowquill Records to purchase your own copy of the digital album!