The guys from the New Jersey alternative rock band Reach have just completed work on their latest EP, Patterns In Static, and took a moment out of their busy schedules to chat with me about the favorite pieces of gear. Here’s what they had to say.

What one piece of gear do you use to obtain your signature sound?
Joel Monet (vocalist, bassist): Shure SM7b.

Chris Colabelli (guitarist): Bogner Ecstasy 101B head.

Joe Nivare (drummer): The Kelly “Shu” bass drum microphone shock mount.

Steve Swain (guitar): Mesa Boogie Mark V.

What about it makes it so important to you?
Monet: It has a very rich proximity effect and seems to capture that male rock vocal “edge” that is lacking in many other mics.

Colabelli: I can shape any tone with any axe in my guitarsenal using the right pedals into this amp.

Nivare: It never moves from my bass drum.

Swain: Its tone gives me that gritty sound we aim for, plus it’s versatile enough to tackle any genre.

What are the major pros and cons?
Monet: Pros: excellent mid-range response especially for my vocal register compared to other mics. Cons: large diaphragm dynamic mics have lower output.

Colabelli: It has a very modern sound, but you can’t play at a low volume.

Nivare: I love it. No complaints.

Swain: Pros: I’m comfortable shaping presets with it and like the tone of it. Cons: I need a flight case.

How long have you had it, how do you use it, would you ever change it?
Monet: I’ve had it over a year and use it on vocals, guitar cabs, and toms. I change it up every now and then. Almost half the vocal tracks on the album were recorded through my Electrovoice RE20 which is also a legend in its own right. You’ll hear a plethora of microphones on our recordings all used for their own specialized purposes.

Colabelli: I got it in 2009 and have abused it throughout the tri-State area and New England. Although I have recently considered investing in an Engl Invader, both of these amps are pretty much at the top of their game.

Nivare: I’ve had it since 2009 as well and can’t imagine another product being as durable or well designed.

Swain: I bought it 7 months ago. I plug my guitar and pedals into it to produce beautiful sounds. I’m always open to trying new things in the pursuit of tone but am more than happy with this at the moment.

Any final thoughts or comments on the gear?
Monet: No but here’s a haiku if you want to be a dick about it… large diaphragm mics amassed in many numbers all the world must hear.

Colabelli: I too shall haiku this multi-channel amp head is pure ecstasy.

Nivare: Thump thump thump, thump thump all the “shu’s in “shu’ville are thump thump thump thumping.

Swain: Sasquatch hands, Mark V Big and beefy, loud as balls.

Check out the song “Chemical”