Neutral Ground is the newest release from Everyone Dies In Utah, a genre bending band that serve up a mixture of post-hardcore, electronica, and even a bit of metalcore with varying degrees of success.

While they may not have a truly unique sound, I think they perform best on the heavier stuff, the best example of which is the tune “Light ‘Em Up Terrence Peterson” which is loaded with down-tuned guitars, killer riffs, and harsh vocals that really beat you across the head. I really, really like this heavy stuff and wish there was a lot more of it… unfortunately there is not.

For me the problem with this disc is twofold. First off I found the insertion of keyboards and odd electronica sound effects to be quite distracting and I just didn’t get it. Secondly, when the band reverts to their post-hardcore sound they become very generic; there are a million other bands doing the same exact thing.

At the end of the day this one is a mixed bag for me; it is not terrible by any means I just don’t think it is very memorable either.

Track Listing:

01. Neutral Ground
02. Infinity & Beyond
03. Fool Me Twice
04. The Story So Far
05. Land Of 1000 Kicks
06. Johnny Kewl
07. Light ‘Em Up Terrence Peterson
08. Nimbus
09. Interlude
10. Item No. 9
11. The Shinies & The Shadows
12. Hero

Run Time: 42:09
Release Date: November 19, 2013

Check out the song “The Shinies & The Shadows”