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Check out this free download for “World of Pleasure” from Jeff Burke’s new project, Radioactivity! Jeff Burke is of course known for his work as the singer of Marked Men and he’s being joined on Radioactivity by his band mate Mark Ryan of both Marked Men and Mind Spiders. This new band is a continuation of The Novice, Jeff Burke’s band while he was living in Japan. Jeff has since moved back to Texas and decided to change the name to Radioactivity out of respect to the Japanese lineup of the group. While some of the tracks are re-purposed Novice songs, others are brand new creations. Being one of the most distinctive songwriters in the punk rock underground scene, Radioactivity will instantly resonate with those who are fans of The Marked Men or Potential Johns.

Aside from the immense talents of Jeff Burke, the band is rounded out by the talented Mark Ryan, and Gregory Rutherford, who have played in some of the best punk and garage rock bands in Texas, including members of The Marked Men, Mind Spiders, Bad Sports, Wax Museums, The Reds, VIDEO, and The Novice. With the band’s self-titled LP out now, it will be supported by an October/November European tour supported by Japan’s Suspicious Beasts.