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If you like your rock of the hard variety then you’ll want to check out this free download for “Snake Chamer” from Calgary, Alberta band Open Air. There is definitely a rock revival vibe to this five-piece’s sound, taking heavy influences from Led Zeppelin, Jet, Rival Sons, and many more. The band brings back all the greatness of the vintage ’70s British hard rock of Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, just updated with a modern taste. If you had to pick out a goal for this up and coming group, it would be to bring back musicianship that relies on talent rather than machines to manipulate a band’s sound. With such a classic approach to rock n’ roll, it’s a funny fact that all the members are born in the 1990s.

Though the band has been together since 2009, Open Air’s first release came in summer 2011 with the release of the All My Queens EP. The EP was an immediate introduction to the band’s raw, basic and bare bones approach to rock. Since the EP’s release, Open Air has worked hard at moving forward, adding new guitarist Garrett Greenhal and releasing their new album Extended Play. On this release, the band has explored new ideas and has seen a growing fan base springing up south of the border. The rock revival is on and it’s being led by Open Air.