How do I put this politely? Most bands are pretty horrible, but recently, I’ve had the pleasure of listening to some high quality ish. “Henry, pray tell. Of whom do you speaketh, so that we may too bathe in the sweet, sweet melody which hath caressed your godlike ears?” Okay. You’ve swayed me. There is a band who has been sent to us from beyond. They go by the name of “Myka, Relocate.” “Why, kind and gentle Henry. I’ve never heard of such a being. Prithee continue.”

They come from Houston, Texas, of all places, and they bring with them a mighty sound. Sonically, they are of the post-hardcore persuasion, but with a sharp, edgy sound. The guitars are cranked to 11, and the riffs that they assault you with are very staccato and often heavily gated. This adds to their “digital” quality, which is complemented by stutter edits and a variety of other electronic elements, including synths and “tickytickyticky” high hats.

Their album Lies to Light The Way sounds like We Came As Romans, August Burns Red, and I See Stars having a party in a bathtub with Jaime Preciado, Pierce the Veil bass player, dipping a toaster in and out of the tub by the cord as though he were making tea, grinning as usual hashtag electrifying.

Since this is a two vocalist apparatus, on one end you have very brutal vocals and the other cleans. When operating such a device as the two headed band, the meshing of the vocalists is key, and here you will find that they are masterfully combined, giving you an extremely versatile screamer as well as a masterful singer, whose range is overwhelming.

Telle Smith from The Word Alive makes an appearance on my favorite track “Useless,” as does Jonny Craig on a later track. I cannot emphasize how catchy the jamz on this album are. Not too many recently signed bands make it to my “Ball So Hard” playlist, but these guys def. did.

Sidenote: I don’t actually have a “ball so hard” playlist, but I do dream of the day when I actually take the time to make one. Consider it a state of mind, Henry’s ball so hard state of mind. It’s a thing. You might not be ready for it, though. I’m finished.

Tracking Listing:

01. Revolve
02. Dead Ties
03. Something To Dream About
04. The Inevitable
05. Natural Separation
06. Useless feat. Telle Smith
07. Doublespeak
08. Playing It Safe feat. Jonny Craig
09. The Answer
10. Dry Spell
11. Cold War
12. Admitting The Truth

Run Time: 42:07
Release Date: October 29, 2013

Check out the song “Dead Ties”