Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Chris Schweizer. Read up on a lot of interesting things you may not have known about Chris.

Hello Chris, nice to have you on MaxMuzik! As this is your first interview with us, let’s start off with a little background. How did you get into music? Please tell us about the beginning of your career as a DJ/Music Producer.
Of course! Thanks for having me. I’m the youngest of 4 brothers, all of whom listened to dance music, so I grew up around it! I have always been a huge fan of all genres of music, but took a particular liking to house and trance. As a child, I was so excited to experiment with different genres and different sounds. When I was right around 13 years old (I think), I downloaded a demo of FL Studio and started learning on my own. It was frustrating, not knowing what to do. But I think I managed okay!

For our readers who’ve never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words.
Energetic; melodic; banging; clubby; bacon. Because bacon works EVERYWHERE and if you don’t think so, we can’t be friends (haha).

Heatbeat & Chris Schweizer – Nasty (Original Mix)

Can you offer insight into some of your musical inspirations? And who is your favorite artist from Electronic music outside your own specific genre?
I have always felt a huge wave of inspiration from Armin van Buuren, Tiesto and Paul van Dyk, but who hasn’t? Those are the kings. I was lucky enough to be exposed to them very early on as a child and I have followed their music throughout their careers. Nowadays I’m a huge fan of W&W, Hardwell and Porter Robinson. Those guys are absolutely killing it as of late.

You’ve recently released your single “Nasty”, which quickly became #10 on the Beatport Trance chart. What was your reaction/thought when you saw it up on the chart? How was your experience collaborating with Heatbeat on this track?
Yes, Nasty made it to the #3 spot, so that was really cool! I really appreciate all of the love for it, as we worked SO hard on that track. Working with the guys from Heatbeat is always fun. They are really great guys to hang out with, but they are also great producers. We are good friends both in and out of the studio, so it didn’t seem like work at all. Just working on a project with some friends.

Chris Schweizer – “Now Or Never/Alive” EP

What was the most challenging part of the production process of your new EP?
It is always challenging making new music when you want to make something different. Doing the exact same thing every single time is easy: you’ve done it before so it’s hard to not slip back into the same mold. It’s as easy as “copy+paste”. Trying to keep fresh and new is the hardest part.

Could you tell us about your music production process? Also your equipment and the setup you use in your live shows.
I don’t really have a process. Usually I start with the drums and bass, and when I feel it’s right, the track starts to slowly fall into place around the frame. As far as equipment, I own a pair of KRK VXT 6 (which I love) and my computer with FL Studio. That’s it!

Speaking of shows, what are you touring plans for the rest of 2013? Are you coming to Canada as well? 🙂
This has been a great year so far, travelling to so many places. I have a couple things lined up in terms of tour dates, but I can’t quite reveal yet. I have already been to Canada this year, but can’t wait to be back! Maybe again this year, who knows? 🙂

What artists would fans be surprised to find on your iPod?
Justin Bieber! Haha, I like listening to all kind of music. I don’t like to accept or deny music based on genre. If I think it sounds good, then it’s okay with me!

Any final thoughts or parting words?
Thank you so much for having me! To keep up with my new releases and tour dates, follow me on twitter @chrisschweizer and of course, find me at Facebook. Looking forward to seeing you guys somewhere around the globe soon!

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