Brutally Delicious, The world’s only heavy metal cooking show has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed to complete filming of Season 2. Brutally Delicious is a cooking show like no other. Where else can you see some of the biggest names in heavy metal and punk rock performing for you in the kitchen? Far from the stage and the studio you will see a side of your favorite artists that is not often seen. Each episode features a musical artist showcasing their culinary talents and performing in our own studio kitchen except for this brief moment in time they are trading in their drums and guitars for spatulas and frying pans. Along the way you will find recipes that are as diverse as they are delectable.

“For the next season I want to take Brutally Delicious to the next level improving on the viewing experience while still providing signed and unsigned bands a unique vehicle for exposure, this is where I need your help,” Moore said. “The money raised will be used for filming, editing, creating a proper marketing campaign, overhauling the set, creating a brand new website and offsetting the lawyers fees.”

Moore is a staff writer at PureGrainAudio and the author of ‘For Those About To Cook Pure Metal’ a cookbook with recipes and pictures of well known metal musicians. Taking the cooking and music idea one step further he has created ‘Brutally Delicious’ which airs on iFood TV and since the launch of the show it has had more than 50,000 viewers. Basically it is a combination of Rachel Ray and The Headbangers Ball. Recent guests in the studio have included, God Forbid (Victory Records), Melechesh (Nuclear Blast Records), While Heaven Wept (Nuclear Blast Records) Diecast (Century Media Records) American Me (Rise Records), Saint Diablo, Blackguard, Bill Leverty of Firehouse, Municipal Waste, Darkest Hour and many more.

“This is a call to arms for Metal Heads and ‘Foodies’ around the world. We need your support to continue bringing you this unique show,” Moore said. “Even if you’re unable to contribute financially you can still help us spread the word via all of your social media outlets. Tell your friends and anyone else who will listen about Brutally Delicious,” Moore said.

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