Richmond, Virginia’s Brief Lives released a laconic EP in the Spring, channeling a DC-inspired, Fugazi-heavy sound to add a third release to their small discography. Eight tracks over five years are all that precede the Whistleblower EP, and while the sound this time around seems more dissonant and marginally less garroting; the two songs don’t sound out of place in the band’s catalogue.

Ian Mackaye’s influence flows heavily though the title effort, but even with heavyweight inspiration, “Whistleblower” never really punches worth its weight. Fortunately, where the first swing misses, the second lands. “No Voice” is punctual and rambunctious, piecing together harmonies from slashing guitars and bristling vocals; allowing Brief Lives to illustrate a keen ear for pinning melody within the walls of their biting post-hardcore tendencies.

Track Listing:

01. Whistleblower
02. No Voice

Run Time: 6:56
Release Date: March 19, 2013

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