The Skinny: The band Across Tundras is a group of musicians who have actually been able to successfully construct their own fusion of music which is simultaneously seamless and creative. This past April the band released their latest LP, Electric Relics, via Neurot Recordings. Recorded by Mikey Allred and Tanner Olson at Ramble Hill Farm during February of 2013, and mixed and mastered by Allred, Electric Relics is a collection of eight songs each teaming with their own slow, fuzzy rock and roll identity.

Sound-wise it’s really hard to describe what the band does, but one could try to explain it by saying the music on Electric Relics is metal with blues/rock and Spaghetti Western infusions combined with a medley of instruments including piano/organ, synthesiser, mellotron, and trombone. Got that? We didn’t either. While it’s really hard to imagine what that might sound like, we can guarantee one thing, it sounds amazing!

I guess the band’s own description says it best: “Electric Relics is our humble offering placed at the crossroads of past, present, and future tense. Age-old energies and three phase electric power intersect to reveal hidden truths of bygone times, modern mysticisms, and sound the alarm for uncertain days to come. We walk through this shadowy land in search of a spark to light the fire and illuminate the depths of consciousness.”

Electric Relics has seen some great reviews thus far and falls into the category of a great Summer listen, especially the song “Prairie Roads”. As we head into the colder Autumn weather though this album continues to find itself on my playlist. It’s truly quite good and as it’s available for free/name your price download on Bandcamp, you have no excuses to not check it out!

Genre(s): Americana, Progressive, Rock, Psychedelic

Check out the album ‘Electric Relics’