The Italian deathcore/metalcore act, Your Anguish, has easily put together one of the better discs I have heard this year – and with the amount of music that crosses my desk on a regular basis, that says a lot!

It only took the first few notes of opener “King Of Reptiles” and I was hooked in a big way. The riff is monstrous, unbelievably-catchy, and burrows deep inside your brain. The rest of the album follows suit with bludgeoning riffs galore, crisp edgy guitars, pulsating drums and powerfully ferocious vocals; this is a record that just can’t be ignored.

Heroes & Zeroes is a colossal, sonic battering which renders Your Anguish a force to be reckoned with in the deathcore/metalcore world(s). Definitely don’t miss out on this one!

Track Listing:

01. King of Reptiles
02. It Was The Beginning of The Flight
03. Heroes
04. The Darkest Day On Earth
05. Bokanovsky’s Process
06. Zeroes
07. When We Were Heroes

Run Time: 24:18
Release Date: March 1, 2013

Check out the song “King Of Reptiles”