Holy Crap!!! This is not what I was expecting at all. Manifesto Of New Standards is the latest release from the Spanish metal act WIS(H)KEY and let me tell you it is freaking dope! This down tuned gem has all the necessary elements of a killer metal record; it is heavy, raw, and visceral with riffs that kick you in the teeth and vocals that are both powerful and abrasive. Need a description? Think the Southern metal sound of Pantera melded perfectly with the nu metal sensibilities of Mudvayne or Bloodsimple, plus a healthy dose of melody thrown in for good measure.

This release is by no means a one dimensional kick in the balls type of album either. These songs rage and even the slowed down ballady tunes (see “Life Grows Wild (On Your Resting Place)”) are more than enjoyable and showcase the band’s ability to write powerful, memorable songs even at slower tempos. Honestly, this is really a fantastic effort and I hope everyone reading will at least check these guys out. Talk about a hidden gem!

Track Listing:

01. Voodoo River
02. Blasphemous Noise
03. To Hell & Back Again
04. Thrasher Ass
05. Alone (Unreal Loop)
06. Useless Days
07. A Thousand Hungry Wolves
08. Tools Of A Sick Power
09. Detached
10. Life Grows Wild (On Your Resting Place)
11. Wasted Crew
12. Train To Pardon (Acoustic Version)

Run Time: 49:30
Release Date: June 1, 2013

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