When I hit play on this bad boy I found myself transported back about four decades – this album’s super-cool, retro psychedelic rock and roll is a window to the past. The music is dirty, fuzzy, and classic-sounding and I could not stop vibing on the funky R&B-tinged grooves.

I am totally impressed with the EP’s authenticity – the intentional underproduction, a B3 organ wailing away in the background, and lots of tube amp noise really helped me to feel like I was smack dab in 1976. There is; however, a bit of a novelty factor here and I am not sure this is something that will make its way into my regular rotation.

That said, I am sure I will revisit it on occasion and at the end of the day, The Blue Rider is funky fresh listen well worth checking out.

Track Listing:

01. Leave Me Alone
02. Innertube
03. Naked Brunch
04. Yam
05. Champagne Problems
06. 12-6-10
07. Start A Fire
08. Aoom
09. Gunnerman
10. Winter Alone

Run Time: 23:38
Release Date: September 11, 2013

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