If you like energetic, hook-driven, groovy rock and roll then I suggest you place Canadian rockers Sons Of Revelry on your radar post-haste. Their music is uncomplicated and simple, but unbelievably catchy and within the first few notes of EP opener, “Born With A Bigga Goal,” my feet were tapping, my head was moving, and I was an instant fan! The clean riffy guitars are driven along by hypnotic groovy bass lines that just get right under your skin.

According to the notes, this is a record that was recorded live from floor which I think really gives the whole thing an edgy, organic, authentic feel that works well for this type of music. On the downside though, with only three songs I think this is sort of a teaser and I just wish there were a few more tunes to get my groove on to. I definitely will be eagerly anticipating more music from Sons Of Revelry in the future.

Track Listing:

01. Born With A Bigga Goal
02. Time
03. Whiskey

Run Time: 12:28
Release Date: September 3, 2013

Check out the song “Time”