Reality Strikes, the debut EP from the Montreal, Canada garage/rock act Le Trouble is a guaranteed enjoyable, toe-tapping experience! This is some really good pop/indie rock with tons of energy – think along the lines of the Arctic Monkeys and The Stokes with all the oomph and a bit of a twist.

This is fun music plain and simple. The playing isn’t overly technical and the production isn’t super glossy, but none of that even matters because the songs are so groovy and enjoyable that you won’t even notice. Check out the lead single below and get stoked for the EP that’s dropping this Fall!

Track Listing:

01. Mission Bell
02. Help You Out
03. Real Talk (Part 2)
04. Fine Line
05. Reality Strikes
06. Red Shirt

Run Time: 22:10
Release Date: November 5, 2013

Check out the song “Real Talk”