When I listen to a jam, and by jam I mean song, not marmalade, I appreciate it most when it sounds fresh, like the popping of a well sealed preserve, or jam. For me, freshness includes the following: innovative songwriting, production, and boobs. Incredible’ Me has all three in pairs. This would not only win most poker games, but make them twice as heart pumping.

What really seals in the freshness of Incredible’ Me’s new album is how well they’ve synthesized the best of the melodic hardcore world and the memorable, typically brain tumor causing, hooks of the pop realm. Exhibit A: Track 7. “Tastes like Heaven, Burns Like Hell,” a title which exudes the sort of tomfoolery and wit that makes music fun, begins with an electronic drum beat, filter processed guitar riff and stuttered vocals. Slick production – check. A catchy, staccato guitar riff that’s bouncy and headbob facilitating follows with some earth shattering harsh vocals and double pedal drumming that makes you want to disrespect your surroundings (<---ADTR reference. You're welcome). "Yo, bro. I know the chorus is gonna have singing in it. That's so 2007." Yeah, well, it's never been this refined and well-written. Top 40 writing meets jenjenjen-jen-jenjen-jen-jenjenjen (That’s some guitar palm mute, chugging onomatopoeia for your reading pleasure). My favorite track on this album features Colby Wedgeworth, who also happens to be the producer of the album. Very few modern tracks, or any track for that matter, make me feel empowered. The melodic themes throughout this track thrust you into a zone, the same zone that you get into when you’re beating rush hour traffic on a hot Summer Friday on a beltway. There’s also so much production fairy dust on this song that it’s almost overwhelming. I’d probably do unspeakable things to be able to observe the mixing process behind the board of this piece of yum. Lastly, it’s exciting, and not in a creeper way, to see a lady guitar player in a high end hardcore band. I’m hoping that this expands the fan base for hardcore music and provides the antipode role model to Miley Cyrus. My intrigue led me to read Lexie’s Guitar Center profile, where she explains starting guitar at 13 and getting her own first guitar on her birthday that year, so I’m assuming that was on her 14th birthday, which made me feel special, for I too received my first guitar on my 14th birthday. This is a very important day in a guitar player’s life, and honestly, I feel pretty special having this synchronicity. I imagine our astral projections are off in the 4th dimension somewhere jamming away, making music and jam. Track Listing: 01. Oh Yeah… I Lied
02. Sexy Out Loud
03. From The Ground Up
04. Where Dreams Are Born & Time Is Never Planned
05. Call Trevor (337-0626)
06. Untouchable (feat. Colby Wedgeworth)
07. Tastes Like Heaven, Burns Like Hell
08. Incredible Monster
09. Divine Departure
10. Moments from Melodies

Run Time: 37:00
Release Date: September 17, 2013

Check out the song “Divine Departure”