Fit For An Autopsy have released another new single called “Thank you, Bud Dwyer” in anticipation of their upcoming new LP Hellbound due out on September 10th, 2013. The band is releasing this statement to expand on why they named the song after the late politician. “This song is our homage to Budd Dwyer, a PA politician who committed suicide on national television back in 1987, one day before he was to be wrongfully sentenced for accepting a bribe. In 2010 William Smith, another accused and convicted party revealed that he had given false testimony to incriminate Dwyer, who had spent his years in office combating corruption on a state and federal level, and had professed his innocence throughout the trial.”

With Will Putney producing his own band this time around, this is some of the band’s most forward thinking material to date. Artist Brian Mercer was also tapped to develop the stunning Hellbound cover art. With the release exactly one week away, the accolades continue to pile up.

Hellbound Track Listing:

01. The Great Gift Of The World
02. Still We Destroy
03. Thank You, Budd Dwyer
04. Do You See Him
05. Tremors
06. Dead In The Dirt
07. There Is Nothing Here Worth Keeping
08. Mother Of The Year
09. Children Of The Corn Syrup
10. The Travelers

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