The Skinny: Featuring a combination of death and thrash metal, Edmonton-based Death Toll Rising are known to devastate their audiences with their high octane performances that has lead the band to share the stage over the years with high profile names such as Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, The Haunted, and Aborted (to name a few). The band is now streaming their first new single “Malice Incarnate” online – listen above!

Originally formed in 2003 in Stony Plain, AB, Canada, they have been grinding the Western Canadian metal scene steadily, gaining huge momentum over the last 3 years. New addition Tylor Dory on guitars has introduced a technical and progressive element to the band they have not had in the past. Add in the intense and relentless drumming provided by Bryan Newbury (recently recruited by Canadian prog/death powerhouse Into Eternity), as well as the well-rounded rhythm provided by Drew Copeland on guitar and Mike Puff on bass, and you get a monster that is only now being unleashed upon the masses with vocalist Jesse Berube topping things off with a combination of brutal death growls and Tomas Lindberg-esqe high shrieks, which will be plenty noticeable as they gear up for the release of their sophomore album Infection Legacy on October 22nd, the follow up to their 2010 debut album Defecation Suffocation and 2008 EP Spontaneous Decapitation.

Infection Legacy Track Listing:

01. Infection Legacy
02. Judas Cradle
03. Scorched Earth Policy
04. Born to Defile
05. Malice Incarnate
06. Crack Open a Cold One
07. Slaughter to Survive
08. Revelation Despair
09. Septic Entity

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