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“The Beast Within” is the latest from American heavy metal band Threatpoint, available here as a free download! Threatpoint is from the working-class town of Scranton, Pennsylvania and their upbringing in the Northeastern city has definitely had an influence on the “American groove metal” that defines the band’s sound. To get a little more specific, Threatpoint are often dubbed as Electric City Groove Metal which quickly defines them to new listeners. The group pulls from many influences with a massive ode to their predecessors like Testament, Metallica, Devildriver, Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, and Megadeth just to name a few.

Threatpoint is a four-piece led by the punishing voice of lead singer Chris James and the relentless guitar work of lead guitarist Alex Olivetti. They are accompanied by a very talented rhythm section made up of W.E. Little on bass and C.J. Krukowski on drums. The band just released their debut album and are out touring their asses off, mostly in the Northeast close to their hometown of Scranton. If you’re looking for some badass metal then be on the lookout for Threatpoint.