Holland’s The Charm The Fury are already kicking up a whirlwind of interest even though, in terms of career length, this is still a band who are in their infancy having only been together for three years. Well, the band dubbed as “Holland’s best kept secret” are about to drop their debut album on an unsuspecting metal scene, so you’d better get yourself prepared for this devastating piece of work!

Fronted by Caroline Westendorp, these Dutch wreckers take their cue from plethora of great bands including Architects, Underoath, and Every Time I Die so, if you’re expecting anything other than abrasive, emotive, throat-tearing fury then you’re going to be sorely disappointed. With Westendorp surely going to be the focal point for the band (whether she wants to be or not), I’ll concentrate on her first. From her vocal delivery to her emotional, passionate lyrics, everything about Westendorp points to her being a force to be reckoned with as, showcased throughout the album, she clearly has the range to compete with the top metal vocalists both male and female more than holding her own alongside guest vocalists Jamie Graham (ex-Sylosis, Heart Of A Coward) and Daniel De Jongh (Textures).

Utilising cleaner, melodic tones alongside her harsher more abrasive style, Westendorps epitomizes everything special about this band. Smashing out songs like “Colorblind” (a song about equal rights), both Westendorp and The Charm The Fury wear their hearts on their sleeves squeezing every ounce of their being into this record as they interweave their brand of brash metallic hardcore with layers of atmospherics to create thunderous offerings like the stunning “Heartless”, “Breathless” and the majestic, massive-sounding “Living Saints”.

A Shade Of My Former Self is an album that you’ll come back to again and again. It’s one of those truly special records that works on every level as, no matter what the band try, whether it’s spine-breaking fury, soothing melodies or pit-smashing metal, they come across as a group on top of their game and, with the added bonus of a stunning focal point fronting the band, Holland’s best kept secret are surely soon to become Holland’s biggest musical export in fucking years!

Track Listing:

01. A New State Of Mind
02. A Shade Of My Former Self
03. A Testament
04. Carte Blanche
05. Colorblind
06. Deliverance
07. Heartless, Breathless
08. In The Wake Of Pride
09. Living Saints
10. The Enemy
11. The Unveiling
12. Virtue Of Leadership

Run Time: 41:35
Release Date: September 17, 2013

Check out the song “Virtue Of Leadership”


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