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“Omnivore” is a new track from Denver, Colorado duo Siamese Royalty available here for free download! The minds behind Siamese Royalty are guitarist/programmer Zak Roberts and guitarist Brian Cochrane, both of whom share a love of metal, drawing influences from Godflesh, Ministry, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and the raw hostility of early 80’s hardcore punk. The two met under unusual circumstances in 2011 when a Detroit vice squad raid shut down the Schizophrenia IV party. Roberts was supposed to headline the breakcore/industrial rave before most at the party were arrested on trivial partying without a license charges.

The two musicians got together and reshaped the guitar-based, digital grindcore that made up the unplayed Schizophrenia set into a heavier, more organic sound. Roberts and Cochrane then released the six track demo Siamese Royalty in the winter of 2011. Now the duo have returned with the release of the seven track EP II. II sets out to explore the more doom inspired, atmospheric side of Siamese Royalty with rotting guitar tones, and icy, electronic howls screaming over dirty, decaying drums. Not ones to rest, Cochrane and Roberts are already hard at work on a new release expected late 2013/early 2014.