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Los Angeles band Polaris Rose bring full throttle melodies and energetic excitement to their new single “Chartreuse” – available here as a free download! A duo comprised of Peter Anthony and Madelynn Elyse, their ever-growing popularity is spurred by their catchy alt rock music and lyrical stories. Their precise harmony, hard-hitting mainstream beats, and sing-a-long choruses make for unforgettable music that has quickly launched their career throughout the Southern California area. With one EP behind them, they plan to release their sophomore EP The Moon & its Secrets in September of 2013. Their enchanting music has dominated the indie scene, and with a hit like “Chartreuse,” they’re sure to gain even more attention.

Amped up guitar rhythms dominate Polaris Rose’s lead single “Chartreuse,” mingled with an atmospheric and all-together explosive rumbling sound. Peter and Madelynn have voices that flow effortlessly together from note to note, filling their melodic chorus with beautifully emotional vocals from start to finish. With a beat that is both toe-tapping and attention-grabbing, Polaris Rose brings to life the idea of dreaming big and never giving up hope, losing themselves in the beauty of each moment. While the underlying reality of life seems to linger within the chorus, the fantasy of a perfect California-style utopia looms large, a symbol of the ultimate dream. Culminating with a heavy beat and vocal breakdown that eventually turns in to an electrifying guitar solo, you experience the very essence of who Polaris Rose is through their unique talent for songwriting.


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