Many bands try to avoid being confined to a specific genre. Often, this a weak attempt to seem “unique” – most bands don’t even execute the whole “multi-genre” thing well anyway, inevitably ending up labeled as “alternative”, “indie” or something of that sort.

However, New Delhi-based Plok is different, bubbling up to the surface where good music lies. As a brown person, it’s always good to hear talent from the motherland (even though on a scale from 1 to Indian, I am –Indian… ha. Okay that’s an exaggeration. But I digress). Basically, Plok is what you get when a few talented musicians come together, drawing intelligently and selectively from a vast pool of influences.

The onomatopoeic band name is of a bubble bursting, representing the “breaking out” of the restrictions of categories and genre-lizing. Plok stays true to its name with a refreshing sound in the debut album Circumlocution. There is no less-than-quality or “skipworthy” song on this album. (Even the best of bands have at least one or two of them in an album; you know, those fillers? You totally know what I’m talking about.) The album itself is a journey through a bunch of genres sewn seamlessly together.

One highlight: the vocals (Neeraj Aggarwala), which can go from being velvety, making you think of floating above flowery fields, to “WHOA, is Layne Staley alive again?” (I may or may not have been in an Alice In Chains/Soundgarden phase when I first heard Circumlocution). Guitars (Anirudh Subramaniam, Tushar Rawal) are great – good solos and unconventional chord progressions. The bass (Yugank Mishra) is solid, structuring the songs well and providing the “chunkiness” needed for the grunge or funk feel in some tracks. Sweet drum patterns too (Aveleon Giles Vaz), especially the drags, double bass and other embellishments.

Other highlights: “Heaven” – a great entrance to the album; “The Big Deeper” – yay for irregular time signatures. I would love to hear more effects as I think it could give an interesting industrial twist to some tracks but overall, I felt a sense of satisfaction throughout the album… like when blowing bubbles. Or popping bubble wrap. Aite I’ll stop with the bubbles. If you, too, like diversity in your music, check ’em out!

Track Listing:

01. Heaven
02. Like Roses
03. Momentary Lapse
04. In A Sense
05. Walking Over Time
06. Porcelain
07. The Big Deeper
08. Indifference
09. Wishing Well

Run Time: 35:52
Release Date: February 1, 2013

Check out the song “Heaven”