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Jenn Fiorentino is a singer/songwriter from Markham, Ontario. Despite her deep love of singing and lyricism, Jenn’s love of music took a backseat to athletic pursuits in her early years. Her earliest musical tastes failed to inspire her to pursue a career in music until she got into classic punk rock like Social Distortion and Minor Threat. This led to her immersing herself in the other punk mainstays of the day such as Bad Religion, Rancid, and AFI which peaked her interest in learning how to play guitar. With a hand-me-down guitar, Jenn taught herself how to play at the age of 13 when she also tried her hand at song writing.

About four years passed before Jenn actually put her talents on display and initial positive reactions have led her to become an extremely well-regarded performer who has been performing ceaselessly ever since. Drawing on a wide variety of inspirations, from communicative philosophy and classical literature to the Wachowski Brothers, she attempts to create songs of discourse rather than just your typical three minute pop song. Her real break came in 2011 when her songs caught the attention of Canadian punk band Propagandhi who invited Jenn to open for them in Toronto the following year. Now with an audience intact, Jenn has unveiled her full-length From Darkness to Light. The record is the culmination of years of hard work of an indie artist that is on her way to becoming extremely well-known for years to come.