The rapid fire machine gun delivery of “All Revealing Eye,” sets the pace for Second Circle, the latest EP from the New Jersey based progressive metal/rock act, Gyre. From there the pummeling continues for almost seventeen more minutes, beating the listener into submission and forcing him or her to take notice.

This is a heavy piece of work for sure, but it is also extremely technical with intricate, dizzying guitar work woven into the fabric of the each of the tracks, the best example of which can be found on the second track, “Circle To Feed.” The vocals switch smoothly and adeptly from brutally punishing to more a melodic style throughout the disc, but the momentum is never lost. All in all this is a really solid offering that fans of heavy music are sure to appreciate.

Track Listing:

01. All Revealing Eye
02. Circle to Feed
03. Ever Devourer
04. I, Receiving All

Run Time: 16:50
Release Date:

Check out the song “All Revealing Eye”