The Skinny: Edge Of Paradise is gearing up for their sophomore release, Perfect Shade Of Black. The 5 song EP will have a special edition physical run, before the worldwide digital release. Perfect Shade Of Black was recorded at the Office Studios with pioneer producer Bob Kulick and Brett Chassen, and mixed by the legendary Michael Wagener. The EP showcases staggering sonic growth of the band, since the release of their debut, Mask. The cover art for Perfect Shade Of Black was designed by the renown artist Ioannis of Dangerous Age Art. Hear “Break Away” the first single just below!

“The cover art depicts a blind woman, unaware of the darkness that exists all around her. We are all created in equal shades of dark and light, and in some ways, we all turn a blind eye to the evil around us. Things that we are content to overlook everyday because they scare us, or we just don’t feel like there is anything we can do to change them. The world is a very dark place- even when the sun shines; the shades of black exist all around you, guiding your hand and controling your direction. Perfect Shade Of Black explores the darkness and at times takes the direction of hope for a better existence. Each one of us possesses the vehicle for change – The ability to carry ourselves out of the darkness, and into a better world. Or continue to exist blinded by our own ignorance.”


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