The Skinny: Vorna is a melodic black/folk metal band from Tampere, Finland. The band’s music have various influences from black metal to folk and rock. Lyrics are written in Finnish and often deal with themes like nature, myths and struggles of mind or emotions. The band was formed in the autumn 2008 and quite soon afterwards was named after a Finnish folklore character; Vorna. The band’s new album Ajastaika will be released August 16th in Finland and September 20th worldwide by Inverse Records. A new song “Kaivatun uni” can be heard below.

Ajastaika Track Listing:

01. Taakse jää
02. Hiiden taival
03. Ukkonen
04. Harhan liekki
05. Kaivatun uni
06. Lehväin varjoon
07. Pakanaveri
08. Ensilumi
09. Ikuiseen iltaan
10. Kuolevan maan kulkija
11. Muisto


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