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Canadian metal/hard rock band Until Dawn have been tearing it up recently with the track “This Fallen Fortress”, the first single from their latest album Horizon. The group hails from Fort McMurray, Alberta, not necessarily a bedrock of hard rock acts, but despite the lack of a ‘scene,’ this band was not to be stopped. “This Fallen Fortress” in a sense actually delves right into what it was like for Until Dawn trying to break out of a rural location to showcase their music to a larger audience. The more general message of the song is one of gaining strength through confronting life’s obstacles and finding strength and perseverance in any situation.

The Horizon album has been a long time in the making. Vocalist Adam Macleod says regarding the album: “We started working on Horizon two years ago, and the concept came together fast. As a touring band, we are always staring into the horizon geared towards the next show. That’s what we are trying to convey with our next record. We spent an immense amount of time writing and doing pre-production to ensure we lived up to our own expectations and our fans.” The band feels that Horizon is the best representation of what Until Dawn stands for, a feeling that is sure to resonate with fans once the album is released August 6th.